tuesday ramblings

Tuesday,12 September 2006

i am in the process of switching over completely to beta blogger. soon i will have all my links for all my faithful readers friends on my new side bar. i am keeping this address as well, never know, i may switch back 🙂



beta blogger

Thursday,7 September 2006

i like the new beta blogger. HIDEAWAYPOET, on my sidebar is under production, and will soon have all my blog family links on. meanwhile i come here to hop to all your pages. do drop by and leave one, tell me what you think of how i have it arranged. suggestions? i’m open. have a good thursday everyone. poet



Tuesday,5 September 2006

i love classic cars. i have always enjoyed looking at pictures and the internet has been a great source for this hobby of mine. my favorites include, but are not limited to, 66 chevelle SS, 67 chevelle SS, Rally nova, ford galaxie of the late 60s, challengers, chargers, i actually luv’em all. 67chev5957lh2.JPG105958-71966chevroletchevellemalibu2-doorcoupe.jpgdavechevelle.jpg146154-91972chevroletnova2-doorcoupe.jpg1528571966fordgalaxie5002-doorhardtop.jpgchevrolet-nova-1966a.jpgjimhoskins69.jpgpontiac-gto-1965a.jpgas you can see, i am partial to GM. anyone got link to some great pix sites? one day i will own one of these cars. been a dream for a long time. one day…..one day.    have a good tuesday! poet



Sunday,3 September 2006

the walls are bare and makes the space in the living room and kitchen seem empty. we are taking everything down so the kids can wash the walls, and then we can paint next week. it is going to e so beautiful when it is all done. one track mind of late.

i used to view the glass as half empty, everything was empty because i was. but now, everything is full to overflowing. my career is going well, our home is full of laughter (and cats). life is good.

can’t think of much else right now. i was around to all of your pages last night. enjoy the rest of the weekend, and stay safe!   poet.


feeling better/ramblings

Saturday,2 September 2006

so, i am feeling a bit better. work from 1115a-8p. holiday weekend, i’m sure it will be busy. lovely. i’m tired. been bloghopping, as usual, leaving my mark most everywhere i go. my link list is long, and i get side tracked easily (your link lists)

got the first coat of paint on in the bathroom. it looks really nice, and will look even better with the second coat. we chose well the colour. tomorrow, the kids are going to wash walls in the kitchen, halls, and living room. then on our vacation, we will paint those rooms. when it gets all done, i will post some pictures. it is gonna look fan-freakin-tastic! if i do say so myself, and i will.

the cats are all fine. bud, at 17, is our oldest, and he sleeps alot. he does play with gary, our youngest, which is really kinda cool. need to post more pix of them too.

the lawn is growing, but there are alot of weeds in one section. must have been wherever they got the top soil. pfffft. cooch grass (sp). if i cared, i would get a little gardening fork out (if i had one), and dig up every last livin’ one of them. but it does look green from the curb, and curb appeal is sort of important to me. it will be more so next year, when our friend, R, comes over to help create our yard haven.

stay safe and enjoy the long weekend, if it is one, in your neck of the blogosphere.  poet


home & sick

Thursday,31 August 2006

must be something in the air. felt really woozy at work tuesday. came home after my 45 minute lunch smoke break. went straight to bed. k had a hard time getting me awake 2.5 hrs later. ate something, and back to bed for the night. i felt gross yesterday so we went to the ER and saw nice dr. handsome hanson, and now i am on antibiotics. also got a note to be off work until sept 2. that works for me.  i feel a wee tiny bit better this afternoon, but not enough to be too far away from my bed. coughing alot, and that really hurts my chest.  the antibiotic will fix me up in a few days.
k got 2 heavy boxes from her parents yesterday. full of recipe books, and crafting stuff, knitting and crochetting books. even some of her old stuff from her school years. pretty neat to read through her report cards.  with each book removed from the boxes, her eyes grew wide like she just found a cheque for a million $$$. thanks mom and dad for sending that stuff. 

k has been home since yesterday too. she is feeling ‘off’. head not clear. a bit of a running nose. damn these late summer colds and bugs. pffffffft.   hope you are all feeling ok out there in blogland. take care my faithful readers friends.                           poet


thinking of Kayla

Wednesday,30 August 2006

kayla, susan’s niece, is undergoeing surgery today. kayla has bone cancer and she is having a leg amputated. my prayers are for this strong, fiesty 16 year old. please take a moment to send a prayer up for her. i am. poet.